Five Lessons to Carry from Childhood to Adult Life

In celebration of the new royal baby here in the UK, I thought it was appropriate to see what lessons we can take from children and apply to our adult lives. Of course children have much less complex lives than adults do, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t strive to take some of the attitudes we have at childhood and put them to good use during our much longer time as adults.

Use your imagination and get active

They say that its good to let a child get bored because the situation allows them to cultivate their imagination and desire to create their own fun. When we’re in stagnant situations, we need to take this logic. Don’t let life happen to you and let others dictate your life. Instead make life happen and define reality the way you want to see it, whether in your work life or your social life etc. There are possibilities and opportunities that may seem ridiculous to others but have the potential to be as real as anything we see today.

Try, fail, and try again

We are always learning whatever age we are, and one of the most important methods of learning is from our mistakes and failures. Instead of mistakes and failures being seen as a good thing, we are scared of them because we are taught out of having them at school etc. Children, however, are more fearless. They are not afraid to be told they are wrong. They’re not afraid to get back on the bike once they’ve fallen off. Why would we want to give up on the possibility of success just because there is a chance of failure? The only way we can know what is right and grow stronger is by knowing and experiencing what is wrong or what doesn’t work as well.

Appreciate the little things in life

How many of you have been shopping in a supermarket, where you see a little child looking at you from the trolley, so you smile and they laugh? Children can be made so happy with the smallest of gestures; I think it’s important to put things into perspective and enjoy all aspects of life, not just the extra-exciting things or the things that require a lot of money or time.

Live in the moment

Yes, children don’t have as many worries or responsibilities as adults do, and everyone is guilty of occasionally wasting the day. But if you are constantly doing something you love in every aspect of life, then the journey can be just as rewarding and exciting as the end goal itself. Don’t always focus and worry about tomorrow, because (at a risk of sounding cliché) today is the only thing that is guaranteed.

To love to your fullest capacity

It’s simple really. Children have the ability to love unconditionally; they are better at acceptance and at forgiveness. They love despite faults and despite differences in race, gender or relations. Why waste energy on grudges and irritation and anger, when you could just let the people you don’t get on with be and focus on showing those you love and who love you how much you love them.


2 thoughts on “Five Lessons to Carry from Childhood to Adult Life

  1. I have been reading a lot of travel blogs where parents say traveling with children is so wonderful (and different to traveling without kids) because you slow down and appreciate the little things – seeing things through your children’s eyes. Thanks for the great post.

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