Three Things to Remember When Life ‘Goes Wrong’


It is much more beneficial to our mental wellbeing to accept the fact that sometimes life does not follow the path we try to lay out for it. It could be as simply as failing to get somewhere on time that aggravates our frustration and our stress levels, and soon we find ourselves focusing on those little things that annoy us rather than appreciating the little things that give us joy. Of course, some changes are much more drastic or tragic, and can come suddenly and unexpectedly; but even after such situations, I want to remind you that it is possible to be happy again! We should learn from the mistakes we’ve made and move onto embracing the positives and possibilities in life-changing situations. So to keep you thinking positively, here are a few things to remember when life doesn’t go according to plan:


  • When you are in a situation where something unexpectedly goes wrong, you should accept that you cannot change it or anything else that happens to you. We can prepare for some, we can rectify our mistakes, but things do happen that are beyond our control. If you can accept this, what is the point of getting frustrated and angry about those things we can’t control? It is not going to change the situation.
  • Therefore, even though you can’t undo something, you can choose how you feel about them. Transform the way you feel about things that usually make you frustrated or sad. Sometimes such things are worth just forgetting about and letting go, but believe in the idea that no matter what happens, everything will be alright and everything will fall into place. Focus on the positive things that happen during the day rather than dwelling on the negatives.
  • There are more possibilities than you can imagine. Don’t always expect the worse and wallow in your unhealthy emotions. It takes believing that positive things can happen to be able to see that you can grow from tragic situations that happen to you and learn about yourself, your potential to be strong and brave in times of adversity. The completely new path your life has decided to take is not necessarily a bad one, but could turn out to be an even better one. Its up to you.

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