Why I Watch the Shaytards


Even if discovering the Shaytards nine months ago seems as if I was slightly behind the other million people already subscribed, the Shaytards YouTube vlogs have been firmly entrenched in my daily routine from the beginning, whether watching them at breakfast, on the treadmill, or before I go to bed. As a family of seven, the family always keep me entertained in every video, giving a laugh when I need one, offering pieces of advice to ponder on, or letting me in on the sweetest moments. You become a part of the family.

With the day that marks the end of five years of vlogging every day and the day that is going to bring a new chapter to the Shaytards online community fast approaching, I wanted to share some of the things I really love and appreciate about the Shaytards family (which could probably go on for pages); maybe I’ll even inspire some of you to check them out on YouTube and subscribe (they’re nearly at two million subscribers!), because I can’t imagine having never found them. And if the Shaytards ever read this, I just want to say thank you, keep doing what you’re doing in any way that you can, and I look forward to watching your adventures to come. The Shaytards remind me:

  • That happiness comes from the smallest and simplest things; and the biggest source of happiness is most importantly those around you, whatever kind of family you have created for yourself. This is something that is achievable for everyone. Materiality and superficiality isn’t important.
  • To live by the saying “Happiness is a choice”. No matter how bad things seem or what goes wrong, whether your car breaks down, you’re stuck in traffic and are going to be late for something, or someone has a last minute problem, you can choose to be happy and look at the bigger picture.
  • Not to be afraid or shy of being yourself: you can be crazy if you’re having fun or making someone laugh, and you don’t have to wear your make-up to go out in public.
  • To follow your dreams and reach your goals, however unimaginable or easily achievable they are.
  • To have morals and keep to them, because at the end of the day, if you’re a good person and you help others as much as you can, then you’re living a good life.
  • That you can have children that are both crazy and spirited, and well-behaved. I don’t know how they do it, but I admire the children for how helpful they are around the house and with the younger kids, how patient they are and how kind they are.
  • That not being in control of everything is not always a bad thing. Accept others for who they are and all their flaws and allow them to make mistakes, and this way you will love that other person all the more and more of the time.
  • To root for the underdog. And that can be as simple as yourself.

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