Self-Discipline and Motivation Thoughts and Tips


Self-discipline covers all aspects of life’s success. I am personally self-disciplined and self-motivated in terms of school work but when it comes to exercising and healthy eating, these terms do not seem to have a place in my vocabulary. And that’s something I’m working on. Although I’ve done a post on motivation before, which I will link at the end, I am going to give you my thoughts and tips relating self-discipline and motivation together, so I should be giving you a whole load of new tips for you to achieve your goals.

  • Firstly, you have to realise that everything you do, even those ‘ingrained’ habits, are a choice. It is you who chooses one way or another. Therefore, when you’re making choices in relation to something you’re trying to work on, think about what you’re doing, and most likely you will make the right choice if you’re serious about succeeding
  • Related to the previous point, make goals that you actually want to achieve and that you feel will make you the person you want to be, rather than having goals that you feel you should have or goals that others are pressuring you into. Otherwise you will always be on other people’s terms and you will never become enthusiastic about those goals
  • Becoming self-disciplined and sticking to a routine is difficult, especially if its a new routine or goal, but every time you accomplish it, the easier and easier it will become. This is because you become used to it and because you will begin to enjoy and even crave that sense of accomplishment. It takes hard-work, effort, and time, and self-discipline must be cultivated everyday, but eventually that will not matter and that is what will make you a self-disciplined and motivated person
  • Have a plan to achieving the ultimate goal and make specific mini or smaller goals, with figures and all. If you have no plan and no way of achieving that ultimate goal, how will you ever be motivated or disciplined?
  • Start off small in your journey to achieving your goal and build on that foundation. For example, if your goal is to become fitter, do not be extreme by assuming that you should be able to run for half an hour straight. Make it achievable, and then when you see yourself improving, which will take time, you can alter those smaller goals that are helping you achieve that ultimate goal. If your targets are unrealistic, you will never have that feeling of accomplishment, and you will not want to carry on. That doesn’t mean you can’t push yourself, just be realistic
  • Hold onto that feeling of accomplishment, especially at the beginning of the day or on those days when you want to make excuses for yourself. And keep thinking of all the benefits and positives that will come of achieving your goal
  • Once you get over the initial hurdle of the day, those excuses that your mind is making when its time to get down to business, you will quickly recover from that I-don’t-want-to-do-this mood.  For example, if you’re new goal is to wake up earlier in the morning, of course that moment when your alarm goes off, you will be tempted to sleep longer. But once you get up or you get on with whatever goal you have, I promise you will feel good when you get moving
  • Don’t put off starting the journey. Not till tomorrow, or next week, or next year. Start of small and simple, and do it now in whatever way you can
  • With that said, if you do for some reason give into a temptation one day or you don’t have time to dedicate to that goal on a particular day, for example you don’t exercise or you eat a donut, don’t give up. Don’t throw away everything for that one day. Start afresh the next day and strive to be better
  • Finally, do not expect to be the best at the beginning as you want to be in the future and don’t compare yourself to others who are further into the journey than you are. Everyone has a particular pace and plan, and if you keep thinking that you’re not seeing results from day one, then you’ll never be motivated or disciplined. Again, it takes time, patience, courage, and effort, and use those smaller accomplishments to fuel your way to the best you can be at that moment

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