When a major life change is approaching…

… don’t close yourself off from the present. It’s strange how we instinctively seem to wallow in our sadness, our fear, and our anxiety when a life change is approaching. Instead of worrying about how our present is going to be different in the future, we should enjoy and appreciate the present moments we have, wherever we are and whomever we’re with. Graduation, for example, is upon many of us; it is a somewhat terrifying time because we might not know what is going to become of the future, but we do know that we won’t necessarily be with these people again in this place at any other time. We should make these memories as vibrant as possible and not dwell on the more negative side. You can never get a day back again, so there’s no point in wasting these days worrying about losing the present, because that’s what you would be doing anyway if you don’t embrace what is right in front of you.


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