Sunday’s Question: Albums or Songs?

Listening to Coldplay’s new album Ghost Stories has only solidified my belief and personal preference of always listening to an album I really like from start to finish. There are songs on this album that you could easily on their own, one of my favourites at the moment being ‘A Sky Full of Stars’; the lyrics are simple and beautiful and the melody coupled with Avicii’s magic make the song powerful and hopeful. But to me, this album is all the more beautiful when all the songs are put together. Love and heartbreak is poured into this album like a confession or a letter, something that needed to be put out there for peace and closure and perhaps to recognise and define those feelings into the world and life’s history. 

Its not a particularly hard-hitting topic but I’m just curious. How do you like to listen to music? Do you like to mix songs by different artists into playlists or do you enjoy listening to a whole album in one go?

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