Thought of the Day: Walls are in the Mind

Your head is the one way to what you want. Your head is also the only thing in your way. Whether you can accomplish something, whether you are scared to do something, whether you are negative about something, all perceptions and emotions are created in your head not by the outside, uncontrollable world. If you put your mind to something, you can overcome anything. Your mind can also control you, sometimes in good and bad ways. People think that abstract concepts like ‘happiness’ and ‘love’ are complicated and can only be obtained through obtaining something else, something more materialistic. And yes, concepts such as happiness and love do need to be worked towards and worked on. But they are also simple and free, and they come from the simplest and most attainable of things. In the end, its your head that is the only thing in your way of achieving whatever you want in life, including the more abstract of things; but your head and your mind can also be a way of reaching the way you want to go. It’s up to you to decide what it is your head is going to say. Walls are created in the mind, but the mind can easily break those walls too.


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