Thought of the Day: Instant Gratification

I’m all for seizing the moment and enjoy life as much as possible every day. But we all need to do things that we don’t like: work, school work, cleaning, food shopping – it depends upon the person but they are usually those more monotonous chores that we want to avoid. Sometimes I think we get caught up in the things that we can find pleasure in that second, maybe even at the expense at some of those monotonous chores. We don’t realise that the hard work and the more boring stuff we accomplish is what will make us enjoy and appreciate those better things; nothing will be hanging over our heads and we will feel like we have earned that pleasure not just been given it. We don’t realise that by putting in the effort into the more ‘boring’ things we might be able to gain something even more valuable and enjoyable; to use an extreme example, why would you go on holiday somewhere close by when you could save more money over time and take an even more awesome trip? It’s all about finding a balance – don’t give up on the pleasures in life. Sometimes those things we crave at that moment can be traded in for even better gratifications with sacrifice, time and effort.


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