Thought of the Day: Comparison and Competition

It seems to be natural for us to always compare ourselves to others. Our happiness in times of our own success seems to be determined by the success and failure of other people. One minute we are proud of ourselves; the next we feel disillusioned and deflated because we caught a glimpse of somebody else’s success, and our’s doesn’t seem as good in comparison. Why is this? Why do we measure our own worth against somebody else, somebody with a completely different brain and set of skills and set of accomplishments and set of life choices? And then to top it all of, the idea of what someone deserves comes into play. We worked harder and we sacrificed more time and leisure, and that person still came out on top. But the question to ask is, did we try to achieve success for other people and what they think or did we do it for ourselves and for what we think? Maybe taking that perspective will help us move past the comparing, the jealousy, the competition. Maybe if we strip away the other people and focus on our own goals and standards, we will learn to congratulate ourselves and be happy for ourselves and for others in times of success.


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