Song of the Week: One Day by Kodaline


Koadline’s message in their song ‘One Day’ at first seemed pretty self-explanatory to me, but I found a number of different intepretations of the song. To me, the song is a reminder of something that we all already know. We all need reminding that there is only so much time, and in that time it is important to not give up on your own happiness and needs. I think what Kodaline are particularly stressing is that there is not enough time in a lifetime to spend it by yourself. If you’re hurting, if you’re upset, if you’re feeling lonely, don’t hold onto those feelings and those memories or people that make you feel that way. Find someone to talk to who can lift you up or might not even be able to offer anything but a listening ear; not every battle has to be faced alone. People can understand what you are going through and what you are feeling if you let them in. Life passes you by, so don’t be wasting your time on your own.


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