Thought of the Day: Controlling Other People

The greatest form of power is the power to control one’s self not the power to control others.

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in other people and the events surrounding us that we forget that we can only control ourselves. It makes us frustrated and helpless. We can advise other people, we can lecture other people, we can nurture other people, but ultimately we cannot always predict how another person will react or behave in a certain situation, particularly in times of uncertainty or adversity. We should have expectations and particular standards of people we associate with for a healthy lifestyle, but people view things differently and sometimes cannot see things the same way you can no matter how much you show them or force upon them. With the people we really love, it comes down to realising that the only thing you can do is know who you are and control your own emotions. If somebody fails to meet those expectations or your needs, a situation can always be made better for you by how you choose to react. People have habits but people can grow. Sometimes its just a bit of a gamble.


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