Thought of the Day: First Impressions

first impression 2

The sayings ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ and ‘first impressions always count’ are pretty contradictory. We instantly judge people when we first meet them, whether we are attracted to them or irritated by their mannerisms. But I think we need to remember that sometimes people make the wrong first impressions. We might catch them in an act they wouldn’t usually commit or a situation they are not familiar or comfortable in. Sometimes people are in bad moods and sometimes people have bad days, and sometimes we witness these as our first impressions of the person. We should give them a second chance instead of basing our opinions of them on that first impression. If you decide that that person isn’t worth your time, stay true to that and move on; don’t waste time thinking about how annoying they are or what a bad person they are just because they annoyed you that one time and you think that defines who they are. There are always other faces to people, good and bad, and we should remember that.


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