Thought of the Day: Inner Strength and Worth

I’ve recently begun a summer job, and I’m very conscious of what other people are thinking of me as I work, of the work I’m doing and the position I’m in. It’s interesting how we reflect our own anxieties onto other people’s perspective of us, because I realised that those things I was conscious of were my own fears about myself and I was making it out to be that everyone was of the same mindset as me. There might be some people who are, but what I needed to face was my own anxieties, because what other people think of me shouldn’t matter. I have been put in this position and I should do everything I can to make the most of it, put everything I can into it, and learn as much as possible. Don’t let fear keep your from opportunities and from positivity. Don’t let the possibility of something keep you from the reality. Let us revel in all the blessings we have been given, let us believe in our own abilities and worth, and let us focus on the brighter prospects and possibilities of life.


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