Thought of the Day: Assuming the Worst in People

It troubles me that we often assume the worst in people. Is it a defence mechanism? Have we become conditioned to people letting us down or having ulterior motives? Have we been nurtured by our parents or are we a product of our culture? Even if the answer is yes to these questions, we can take control of our tendency to assume the worst in people, perhaps not so much with strangers, but with the people we know and interact with on a daily basis. I don’t want to become a closed off individual. I want to smile and say good morning to people or reply to their greetings without assuming what their motive is. I want to be able to trust the people around me, who I work with and who I live with. Being able to assume the better in people would help us to build our self-confidence, because we will become careless instead of careful and comfortable instead of fearful in front of others. But then what about those people who do let you down? I’m not really sure whether I know the answer, and its always been a saying that to have no expectations is the best expectation. Maybe we just need to become better at judging situations and people, not always expecting every one to be the same. Maybe people are not as they seem and we will be surprised one way or another. Maybe we need to realise that those worse experiences shouldn’t ruin or take away the better ones we will have because we close ourselves off.


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