Thought of the Day: Les Miserables’s Message

Les Mis quote

The final scene in the musical adaptations of Les Miserables will always be one of my favourite and most remembered endings. Beginning faintly in the background, the reprise of ‘Do You Hear The People Sing?’ grows powerfully, like the ever-approaching and inevitable siren, in its hope and optimism for the future. To me, the song embraces the signal of change that is antithetical to the musical’s title, from the miserable, tiring life to one of peace and freedom, from the darkness of the night to the light of the sun. To me, this ending and this song remind us that our failures or ill-timings do not mean we should give up on our endeavours; our hard-work and resilience in the face of and despite those failures will be rewarded, because even the smallest seed that is planted now could grow into the strongest tree if it is continued to be nurtured. If there is a world you imagine, if there is a dream you strive for, keep that faith, that spark, that energy, which Les Miserables lays out for us, because it will all be worth the ultimate ending we are seeking.


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