Thought of the Day: The Little Things

little things

I’ve come to the conclusion that life’s happiness, inspiration, success, motivation all comes down to the little things. I know I’ve talked about it before, but think about it, it’s the little things that matter. Happiness derives from not taking those ordinary and simple things for granted, but rather appreciating and embracing those small things that other people might envy you for. When you can be happy with the smallest things in life, then its only uphill from there. On the flip side, don’t sweat the little things. If you accidentally say the wrong thing or mess something up or you worry about something that won’t really matter in a few months time, don’t waste energy on it. You don’t want to get in the habit of panicking, stressing, worrying, or fixating on the small things, because life might be made up of some of those moments, but those moments are not what make life worth living. Another way the little things count is the way they impact others. Smiling, holding the door open, helping a mother get on the train, paying attention to someone when they listen, comforting a stranger, all impact those people’s lives for the better. Lastly, on the road to success and the motivation that comes with it, you need to start small and build up gradually. It’s good to take big risks and have faith, but methodically paving your way to your goal will ensure you stay realistic, that you stay motivated because you can actually achieve your targets, and that you enjoy the journey rather than just the destination. In the end, when you look back on those little things, you will realise that they were the ones that made the biggest difference in whatever journey you are taking.


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