Thought of the Day: Superiority


In positions of superiority, I think people should tread with caution and care. Not in the sense of being cautious or fearful, because you still need to remain assertive and decisive, but in the sense of how you deal with those who are ‘inferior’ or underneath your leadership. When someone asks for help, they are, in a way, placing themselves in the inferior position and putting their faith in your abilities and experience to guide them. Don’t take advantage of that, don’t smirk at their ignorance, or draw attention to their admitted inferiority. To be a leader is to share your wisdom, experience and knowledge, not to illuminate the lack of those in others. To be a teacher is to inspire and motivate, not to dampen and dominate. Also, don’t get caught in the delusion of superiority. Yes, experience and time map out our generations and inevitably our hierarchies, but don’t dismiss the power, the enthusiasm, and the worth of the young, the ignorant, and the inexperienced. To me, there is a fine line with superiority, between the teacher and the conceited. Make sure you stay on the right side to avoid any resentment, defiance or hostility.


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