Thought of the Day: Endings and Beginnings


When we reach the end of a chapter in our lives, particularly one that has been enjoyable, we go through a range of emotions. There’s the excitement, the anxiety, the fear, and the sadness. And there’s not much we can do about certain milestones and endings approaching. I think one of the reasons we dread change and become melancholic or nostalgic when things come to an end is that we fear the next phase in our lives; we are scared that this next phase will not be as good as the life we’ve been living. But we need to remember that the future is unwritten, and that means that the next phase will always have the potential to be as good, if not better. The future has endless possibilities and opportunities, the future holds new experiences and lessons, and depending on whether you decide to embrace the future and the moments you have, you will be rewarded. Don’t always focus on the sad feelings of the endings, but use those happy chapters in your life as an example of how you want to live your life. But at the same time, you need to ask yourself, who would want to be stuck in the same phase in their life forever? Don’t dwell in the past, but rather believe that those memories will live on with you as you take on new challenges and adventures. Don’t wallow in the endings, because that will only stop you from making new beginnings.


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