Thought of the Day: Hate and Indifference


To me, hate is not the opposite of love. That would be indifference. Hate requires passion and intense emotion, just like love. Hate means you care, just like love. But hate isn’t a healthy emotion. Hate grips onto us like cigarette smoke and lingers. Hate deludes you into making you think you are powerful. To hate is to spend time and effort on something that we supposedly despise, yet we still give it power. We need to ask ourselves why we hate things. Sometimes they are reasons we don’t want to face. Are we jealous of someone? Has someone done something to hurt us? Are we angry about something? Are we frightened? Hate is an emotion inspired by other people and other things, but we are ultimately the ones who allow it to dwell, fester, and consume our minds. To hate is to concede to that person or that situation. To hate is not to be powerful at all. To truly counter hate, we need to come to terms with our own feelings and their roots, and allow ourselves to either accept our own mistakes about something or then to become indifferent. Indifference means that you don’t care. Indifference means that you are free of that person or situation, and that you’ve moved on.



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