Song of the Week: Believer by American Authors

“I’m a just believer that things will get better” – Believer, American Authors

I think ‘Believer’ from American Authors’s album Oh, What A Life is one of my favourite feel-good summer songs. The song paints all the different faults we sometimes have when it comes to our lives: we’re fearful, we’re anxious, we’re shy, we hate change, we don’t want to move forward but we don’t like our present. And sometimes these flaws are hard for us to let go of because they are part of our everyday lives and part of how we conduct ourselves in the world. But the American Authors highlight that there is a choice and they illuminate these flaws, showing that we can be aware of them and reflect on them. We can take them or leave them. We can hold onto them or let them go. We can choose to grow or stay the same. We can be positive or we can swim in negativity. Whatever happens, things can get better and things will be ok. They can even be ok with your flaws.




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