How to Brighten a Bad Mood

bad day quote

Bad moods are like dark rain clouds. Sometimes they shift very quickly, and other times they linger. Sometimes they are only threatening and release a manageable drizzle, and others times they unexpectedly relieve a torrential downpour to soak you to the brim. But unlike the weather, we can have some say in how we feel and what frame of mind we are in. Here are a few tips to brightening a bad mood that might be brewing:

A) Immerse yourself in something that makes you comfortable or happy:

  1. TV; Films; Books; Music – there is no easier way to calm a bad mood than listening to your favourite upbeat and powerful songs or watching a new episode of your favourite TV show. You might even delve into a childhood classic. Anything to get your mind off of the outside world. This will let you experience happiness and laughter that will ultimately set the other emotions into perspective.
  2. Exercise and/or go outside – this can be as leisurely or as intense as you’d like. By barricading yourself inside, you only trap the negative energy inside, allowing it to grow and fester. Taking a few deep breaths outside and getting those endorphins pumping releases some of that negative energy that is creating your bad mood. Again, you’ll gain some perspective.

A) or B) Confronting the root of the problem:

  1. Identify the problem – whether you decide to forget the problems for a while or not, you should eventually try to figure out why you are feeling down or angry. That way, you’ll know how to deal with the issue differently next time. If you only forget about the problem and ignore it, then you’re giving yourself the opportunity to be in a bad mood again. Be honest with yourself. You’ll see that not everything is bad, and that one thing that is bothering you is fixable.
  2. Write it down or talk to someone – bottling up your feelings will only make you feel more trapped and overwhelmed by them. Talking with somebody you trust, or simply writing the problem down, releases those feelings. If you talk with somebody, they can comfort you and even offer advice, which will give you strength for the next step.
  3. The face-to-face encounter – this may include the previous point, but once you’ve identified the problem and released the negative energy, you need to come up with a plan to confront the problem and then face it head-on. Don’t brush it under the carpet. Talk to your boss, teacher, or partner if you have a problem at work, school, or home. Find another job. Stand up to that bully. Whatever it is, do something about it.


  1. Everyone has bad days and it is okay to have one. Don’t feel like you aren’t allowed to express the more negative emotions or that you are not entitled to a bad day or too. Just make sure that its not becoming so regular that it begins to affect all areas of your life.
  2. Think positive – you may need to convince yourself, but try to focus on the positive things in your life, because they are way more positives than negatives! You’ve just got to learn to see them. That positive thing can even be taking a proactive approach to those negative days, by understanding your emotions and making an effort to master them.

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