Spotlight Sunday: The VlogBrothers


You may have already heard about John Green from The Fault In Our Stars craze that has exploded this spring/summer, but John Green, along with his younger brother Hank Green, create online content for their YouTube channel, the VlogBrothers, which has been running for seven years. This content ranges from humorous babblings to concisely explaining complicated cultural concepts or current events, from random musings to advice and guidance across their many platforms. I think they are really trying to educate people whilst still giving some lighthearted entertainment. They have also been instrumental in developing and bringing together the YouTube community through launching VidCon in 2010 and have consistently tried to become involved in charitable pursuits all over the world. For two guys who call themselves and their fans Nerdfighters, I think they are two pretty cool people. I also think they’re really inspirational, and I enjoy listening to their thoughts on life and humans, because I want to learn and grow not just as a person but as a community and a world. If you want to learn something from two down-to-earth and giving people, check out their YouTube channel linked below!

VlogBrothers YouTube Channel:


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