Thought of the Day: Jumping the Gun

Jumping the gun (English idiom): to do something too soon

When something really matters to us, we invest a lot of energy into it. We prepare for job interviews to secure the job, we revise efficiently to get a good grade, we put effort into people to build better relationships. But there are a lot of negative energies that come with that pressure, namely self-doubt and worrying. We worry about what will happen if we don’t get that job, that grade, that friendship. We worry about our performance at the given time and convince ourselves that it went terribly, that they couldn’t possible want you or give you what you want. It’s like we’re preparing for every eventuality, but not letting ourselves focus on the more positive ones in fear that it will get our hopes up. So we concentrate on the potential negative outcomes. All we are really doing isn’t preparation but putting ourselves down and working ourselves up for something that may not even happen. True, you might not get that job, or that grade, or that friend, but it could also turn out the opposite way. Why would we worry about things that haven’t happened yet? And what does that say about us, about our confidence in ourselves and our positivity? If you’ve remained positive or even just ignored the situation after you’ve acted and done your best, then at least you haven’t wasted your energy and you can deal with the situation whatever the outcome when it arises. Worrying is so unnecessary and doesn’t achieve anything! Live your life in that moment and worry about the future when the time comes. You might even find you had nothing to worry about, and how silly would you feel then if you’ve just been negative and distressed about it?


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