Thought of the Day: Seeing the Worth

dare to love yourself quote

I think one of the biggest disservices we can make for ourselves is sticking to the way things are. If things are going good in a particular area in your life, then you’ve obviously mastered that part on your own terms and in your own way. I applaud you for that. But when you are unhappy or miserable or sick of a situation, don’t be complacent; give yourself a chance to have that happiness in all areas of your life. Ignoring the situation and keeping things the way they are may allow you to escape the problem for a while, but you will be stuck in a cycle: it won’t just go away if you don’t pay any attention to it. Give yourself some sense of worth and love, and change the situation. It will need time and effort but I believe that we can change if we let ourselves and give ourselves the care we need. See the potential and reap the rewards.


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