Thought of the Day: Sources of Happiness

Happiness with youself quote

It is beautiful when we can trust people, when we can open up to people and we can build strong relationships with people to the point where we can’t imagine life without them. Our happiness is generally dependent on other people, friends, family, love, and even strangers or people we work with. But I think it’s also healthy to make sure that our happiness doesn’t become defined by one person, but rather a network of people, or better yet from the inside and the self. People don’t always see eye to eye and people don’t always understand one another. And that is as much a part of any relationship as the loving and enjoyable parts. It’s ok to not always see eye to eye and it’s ok to have arguments. That doesn’t mean the relationship is over or should be forgotten. But we need to make sure that we have something apart from that relationship to fall back on when that part of our life is rocky. It can simply be having a hobby, being out in the fresh air, or having a job you really love. It can be having another person such as a family member or best friend. Something else that you can also draw strength and happiness from. Ultimately, we should become comfortable to draw strength and happiness from within ourselves. We all want to believe that any relationship we have will last forever, but people change and evolve in different directions. Having other sources of happiness doesn’t mean you don’t have faith in that relationship, it just means that we can regroup and even appreciate that relationship more when we can take a step back and gain some perspective. At the same time, we can learn more about ourselves as we find sources of happiness within ourselves, that we can be content by ourselves, and this again will help us appreciate those moments with others. Finding true happiness within ourselves is what will allow us to find happiness in all aspects of our lives.

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