Spotlight Sunday: The Nive Nulls

Nive Nulls

It’s time for another YouTube vlogger inspired Spotlight Sunday! I think something that is so inspirational and motivational is to have people to look up to, who remind you about positivity, happiness, gratitude and appreciation for what you have, and just having a good time without having to do much at all. Even though I’ve only been watching them for a couple weeks, the Nive Nulls – Austin, Brittany and their kids Audri and Kailand – are a set of those people. They aren’t afraid to laugh really hard and laugh at themselves (Brittany’s laugh is the best and contagious!). They’re not afraid to admit their flaws (to each other and the camera). They’re not afraid to tell one another how much they love each other. They are not afraid to count their blessings. And they’re not quitters. Even though we only get a snippet of their lives every weekday, I find myself coming away from their videos with the energy and positive perspective towards life that they pour into their lives. That is the kind of role models I would wish for everyone, so go check out their channel!

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