Thought of the Day: Decluttering

Clutter quote

Sometimes in order to have a clear mind on the inside, we need to clean and organise the outside. This doesn’t mean that we have to fix all of our problems, because sometimes our problems cannot be fixed in a day and sometimes our problems are made up of things beyond our control. Even though what we perceive as our problems can be the reason for our cloudy, negative mind, cleaning the outside can be as simple as cleaning the space we inhabit, whether it be the space we call home and want to relax in or the space we work in and want to motivate us. Either way, a clear space can set those problems into tasks that are much easier to tackle; with a clear space we can refocus and re-prioritise, and we can face our days with purpose, positivity and energy, because we will feel refreshed when we wake up, motivated when we get down to our to-do list and calm when we go to sleep. Here are some tips for clearing up your clutter and maintaining a healthy space:

  • Get rid of anything that is no longer of use to you; you may be tempted to hold onto unnecessary sentimental things, but maybe instead just pack them up in a box and put them into storage. This way you can still keep those valuable items, but you are removing the clutter and the mess.
  • Less is more when it comes to wall space. If you like to have a lot of pictures, quotes and photos of memories or inspiration on your walls, then try making a statement wall with a large collage or pin board and keep the other walls barer. If you don’t like the idea of having bare walls and want to spread out your pictures, use large picture frames to store them across your space, because that way you containing the cluttered walls but making the space homely or motivating.
  • Allow your room to have some light! Make sure nothing is blocking the natural light from coming into your room and keep your curtains open during the day. You can also take the path of the sun into consideration; if your room is naturally dark, then perhaps keeping the furniture and colour scheme rather light and colourful, which will give you a brighter atmosphere.

Learning to feel in control on the space outside will allow us to let go of the stress and the negativity on the inside, by encouraging us to take control of those situations in a new light. Let me know some of your tips for cleaning up your space!

The quote is from Karen Kingston’s book, Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui:

“Being clear of clutter is one of the greatest aids I know to discovering and manifesting the life you want.”


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