Thought of the Day: Compromise and Confrontation

Compromise Quote

To me, compromise is at the heart of any successful resolution of a confrontation, disagreement or issue. Some compromises are weighted more heavily on one side and others find equal blame and concessions on both sides. But compromise is always understanding another person’s point of view and trying to take action to put that understanding into practice. Compromise is not manipulation or blackmail and compromise is not assertion or self-pity, especially when it comes to confrontation. Instead, compromise is the ability to look at our own flaws in a situation and try to rectify it. I think we are scared to admit our flaws in a situation because we don’t like to appear weak or in the wrong. But admitting our flaws and saying sorry is so much more powerful when each side can do it than when each side refuses to admit or do anything. Sometimes we are scared to initiate compromise because we are worried it won’t be reciprocated and that the other person will not admit to their mistakes and apologise. But taking the moral high ground, regardless, not only illustrates that you’ve taken time to reflect on your own behaviour but that you are willing to work with the other person to create a positive environment. If nothing comes of that attitude in that particular situation, it will at least prepare you well for other situations.


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