Thought of the Day: Your Comfort Zone

Sometimes we have those moments when we have to decide whether to stick to what we know or whether to step into new territory. I’m not really sure whether I can define when is a good time and when is a bad time to break out of your comfort zone. Perhaps it should be in terms of safety, when we take calculated risks and still feel an element of security, or maybe it should be defined by how much our boundaries are in our control if we do decide to tread new water. But stepping out of our comfort zones, at least in small steps, has so many possibilities for our growth: we can conquer our fears and we can test our confidence. If we resolve to expand the limits of our comfort zone, perhaps we will find ourselves saying ‘yes’ to more, yes to opportunities and yes to possibilities that we would have said no to and regretted later. Sometimes the moment when we need to define our limits comes upon us suddenly and it can feel overwhelming; we just need to be aware of our comfort and the risks and reassess rather than get rid of all limits, even if they change or get less conservative than before. Don’t close yourself off from something you want just out of fear. And if you make mistakes along the way and learn from them, that counts for just as much.


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