Thought of the Day: Over-analysing

Over analysing quote

When we over-analyse, we lose confidence, we place faith in the opinion of others rather than our own, we trigger our anxiety and doubt, we instil the feeling of never being good enough in our minds and we try to be different to who we really are. We need to realise that we are our own worst critics, we always imagine things much worse than they actually are, and we focus too heavily on the negatives, especially when we over-analyse. We need to stop over-analysing our behaviours and interactions, because that will allow us to be free and content within ourselves. In the end, we will realise that once we stop over-analysing and over-thinking, we will also stop doing all those things we’re worrying about and those things that make us want to over-analyse everything. Believe in yourself and good things will come to you.


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