Thought of the Day: Expecting the Worst

99 problems quote

Expecting the worst doesn’t do us any favours. Perhaps we believe that by expecting the worst, we are preparing ourselves for the worst, and that way when the worst comes, it won’t be as bad. But in reality, all it does is more harm than good. Sometimes, when we expect the worst, we are actually inviting it into our lives; if we expect ourselves to do badly at something, for example, then our minds are constantly focused on those negative outcomes, which will subconsciously start to replicate itself physically in reality. Other times, expecting the worst causes unnecessary heartache; if we try to prematurely decipher a given situation whilst expecting the worst in people, for example, we get agitated and upset about something that we don’t have all the facts to. We might be making something out in our head that is way worse than reality. Instead, we need to start have a more positive mindset, especially with the unknown. Or if not, we need to have no expectations, because that way we take the pressure off ourselves. Most importantly, deal with issues as they arise – it is not so much that we should always expect the best, but we need to have to confidence that we can handle the worst when it is time to. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.


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