Three Things to Remember When You Fail

Thomas Edison quote

Here are some little reminders about how you should look at failure and what you should remember when you fail:

  1. You tried. That’s more than those who cowered away because they were scared of failing. That’s more than those who watched from the sidelines. That’s more than those who tried to put you down. Be proud of how far you’ve come. You tried and you got somewhere, even if it wasn’t the place you wanted. You tried and you learnt something. Don’t take that away from yourself.
  2. Whether we win or lose, succeed or fail, chances are the ones we remember the most are the latter. Those times when we fail are the times that hit us the hardest; they are the times we shudder with embarrassment or feel a bitterness brewing inside when we think about them or we cannot stop obsessing over it. But it’s time to start looking at these experiences in a different light. Don’t be embarrassed or bitter or scared especially, because now is the time to try again. Don’t allow others to make you afraid of failure. There are positives to be found in every experience, and in that sense, failure can never be looked at as a failure.
  3. That failure holds the key to future success. Failure doesn’t mean you are back at square one. Failure doesn’t mean you can’t get to success or that you’re not good enough. Just because you failed doesn’t mean you are a failure. No, you’ve done this before and you know where you’re going. No, you’ve tried something out and you’ve learnt something from it. Objectively analyse the failure and your moves and what you can do differently this time.

Try again! You’ll thank yourself later!


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