Midnight Motivation: Track and Reflect


The motivation to pursue our personal journeys of reaching success can be like riding a bike in a hilly terrain. We know how to ride the bike, even if we might be out of practice, and the times when we soar down the hills make us feel so exhilarated and free. When it comes to riding uphill, however, it requires so much more work that we might be discouraged from even bothering. Motivation has its peaks and downfalls. What we need to do is find a way for that momentum we built downhill to help us back uphill.

Being able to look back on how far we’ve come is a great way to keep us going. I advise to keep a journal or even a small notepad where you can jot down the progress you make each day in a bullet point format. You could even throw in a few statements on how you feel each day about what you’ve accomplished and your levels of motivation. This way, when we feel like we need some extra motivation, we can look back not only on what we have achieved, which will motivate us to achieve more and carry on with our progress, but we can also look back on how we felt about it. If we note down how we felt proud of ourselves, how we pushed ourselves, how we carried on despite adversity, how we felt controlled and energised and productive, then we will want to have those feelings again. We don’t need fancier equipment to reach the top of that hill. All we need to know is that we’ve cycled up a hill just as big; we didn’t let it stop us then, so we’re not going to let it stop us now.

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