Power of Positivity #1: Daily Affirmations

I Am

Positivity isn’t a natural or inherent quality. It is something that needs to be cultivated and nurtured. Although that means positivity needs work, it also means that anybody can be positive. Positivity isn’t reserved for a certain set of people.

Every day holds its own troubles. Every person confronts different troubles. Perhaps we must motivate ourselves for a tough day at work to pay the bills. Maybe we have to give a presentation at school and we’re shy and scared about what people might think. Perhaps this is another day we have to be away from our family and we feel alone. But luckily, even if we can’t get away from our troubles, we can control how we face them. When something troubles or worries us, we tend to focus on the negative, what could go wrong or the emotional turmoil the day will bring. But with positive daily affirmations, we can become closer to changing that mindset. If we start our days by telling ourselves that we are beautiful, that we are confident and comfortable in our skin, that we are brave, strong, and productive, that we are good, kind people, that we are unique and matter in this world, that we can let go of our past and mistakes, we are gearing our minds to achieving the outcome we desire, because we focusing on what we want and not what we fear. And on top of that, we are giving ourselves strength rather than relying on others to.

Let’s come up with our own positive daily affirmations. And remember, they need to be affirmative and in the present tense (I am…). Repeat them, say them out loud, write them down and keep them with you. It may feel strange and it may take time. Let’s rewire our minds to positivity and reap the rewards. Let’s love ourselves and believe in ourselves.

(Daily affirmations should ultimately reflect your own desires and needs, but you can find an abundance of examples on the internet, the free Unique Daily Affirmations app on iTunes or something similar, or daily affirmation Twitter pages such as @dlyaffirmations or @Life_Affirming to get you started!)



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