Midnight Motivation: Resist Cutting Corners

Shortcuts quote

Some of us want to be the best. Some of us want to live up to the expectations of ourselves and others. Some of us aspire to be like our role models. Some of us want to keep up with others. Some of us want better for ourselves. Whichever way we’ve come to realise a goal, we want to get there now. With the technological era reigning, it is in our nature to want things instantly, whether information, a change in our body, or getting places quickly. We find it harder to work for something and instead, it becomes tempting to cut corners to speed up the process.

But cutting corners means jumping over vital steps and then losing our balance on the step we land on, because we are not looking ahead, we are moving too quickly, and we land with a bigger impact. When we cut corners, we cannot sustain the momentum; our bodies, for example, cannot adapt quick enough to our lifestyle changes, because it goes from one extreme to another, so it begins to show signs of resistance and forms unhealthy habits to try and keep up. Our mind, for example, can’t process equations and words without the foundation, so it begins to shut down and forget what it may have once known or tried to master. We start to make more mistakes and find more weaknesses that take longer to recover from that we lose all motivation to try anymore. We need to keep in mind that the journey is the most important part to achieving success. We need to have patience, because our road will be much smoother, even if it is still uphill. We need to have courage to do the journey properly, not half-heartedly, and embrace every moment, because that is what will keep our motivation alive.


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