Thought of the Day: You Hold the Power

Shape Your World quote

I think we always underestimate the power we hold within. We think that anything we are capable of is too little to make any impact, so we don’t bother. We think that those older than us must be wiser than us, so we follow their lead. We think that life will happen regardless of what we do, so we hope it works out in our favour. But when life doesn’t fit into that picture we keep tucked away in our minds, we are disappointed, frustrated, and even discouraged. We need to remember that we have the power to shape our own world and the world around us however we want. If we work hard enough, we will be successful; we can’t expect everything we want to come knocking on our front door. If we set the vision, other people will be inspired and be supportive; we can’t expect people to act on things that we believe in without acting on it ourselves. If we finish something, someone else can build on that and start something bigger; we can’t expect to do everything by ourselves. We can have an impact on our world, we just have to try. If we don’t try, then we only have ourselves to blame.

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