Midnight Motivation: Have to or Want to?


If we strip down the problem of maintaining our motivation, it often comes down the whether we associate the journey to our goals with having to or wanting to.

First, we have the external demands of society and the people around us. We feel like we have to act a certain way or look a certain way. But when have we ever felt passionate or enthusiastic about something when someone is telling us what to do? Can we create passion and enthusiasm for something we don’t want to do? Sometimes when we feel like we need to be skinnier or we need to eat healthier because of what others are telling us, we are constantly focused on the lack – the lack of being skinny or the lack of being healthier – that we find in ourselves. We don’t focus on the journey, we only look at the end goal and how far we are from it. And the motivation levels dissipate rapidly.

Next, we have our internal demands. Sometimes this comes later on in the motivation journey, where we find ourselves losing the inspiration we had at the beginning, and now everything seems like a chore. In this case, we focus too highly on the length and the struggle of the journey and lose sight of the end goal and the importance of such a journey. Again, we’re looking at the negative aspect of how far there is to go instead of enjoying it. And the motivation levels plummet.

But ultimately, we have to find the journey and the process important enough, so that we don’t give up. And that importance will only come from love and pleasure. We won’t ever have motivation for something that doesn’t make us happy. We have to want that end goal, not have to have that end goal. Those who want something will always find the drive to obtain it, because it isn’t something that has been handed to them or dictated to them; it is something they yearn for. It is a dream they will strive for no matter what. Find the motivation through love rather than obligation, through desire rather than necessity.


2 thoughts on “Midnight Motivation: Have to or Want to?

  1. Great post! Completely agree…if something is a true passion, you’ll love the journey and find every second worth it, no matter how long it takes. It’s tough to fake and even if you can, it’s draining.

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