Thought of the Day: The Lucky Ones

luck quote

Some of us have this notion that some people are lucky and other people are not, where we usually categorise ourselves in the latter. But in truth, we can all be lucky and we can all be unlucky. Seneca says that “luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity”; luck actually comes down to the tools and the attitude we have. And the right tools and the right attitude are things we can all give ourselves. They are free. If we try to better ourselves at our craft or something we are passionate about, or if we try to learn new skills or take on new challenges, we will open ourselves to the opportunities that we envy in ‘lucky’ people. Our tendency to call people lucky and ourselves unlucky is born out of envy that someone has achieved something we want, but it is also born out of fear, because we don’t believe that we can get to that place too. Let’s not give up on ourselves because we think we don’t have a certain talent or a certain opportunity. With hard work, perseverance and a dedication to bettering ourselves, we can improve our station in life on whatever train track we want, whether work, happiness, school, relationships and so on. Let’s not bury ourselves in the idea that luck is random and unattainable. We make luck ourselves.


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