Midnight Motivation: Research and Inspire

Research Wernher von Braun quote

Researching our goals and dreams is not only motivating for those of us who are endeavouring on the long journey to success but also for those of us who are trekking and struggling along the way. Researching can be a means of getting the facts, connecting with other people’s stories, and for making informed decisions. Look into the best way to start something and look into the routes that may best suit our needs and preferences. Not only will this get us excited about starting our goals, but we will also be better prepared and make a few less mistakes that would contribute to our de-motivation. Researching can also be a means of becoming re-inspired and for re-working our plans. Look into people’s success stories, read pieces by motivational speakers or listen to speeches and discussions online; it doesn’t even have to be directly relevant to our own goals, even just stories about other people’s journeys and happiness can get us re-inspired to kick-start or re-vamp our own journey and happiness. By researching, we will be able to better visualise our journey and end goal, instead of wading in the unknown and becoming lost in our desire and motivation.


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