Thought of the Day: Feel the way you want to feel

Unicorn quote

There is so much pressure to be positive and happy and selfless and successful all the time. When we are upset or angry, everyone around us tries to cheer us up or calm us down. And it is great that there are people who care about us enough to want the best for us, because being happy and positive is the best. But we can’t always be happy. Sometimes we are sad, even depressed, sometimes we’re angry, even raged, and sometimes we are selfish, negative and unsuccessful. We are allowed to feel that way. Don’t hide away from those feelings because our human nature is to try to fix them or be ashamed of them. Let yourself feel and give yourself time. Let your emotions run their course. Don’t constantly force yourself to feel or pretend to feel something you are not feeling. At the same time, if you find yourself at that point when you want a change and you are sick of the negative emotions, then try to pick the best. We all have the choice of our emotions; we can feel sad and negative but we can also choose to be happy and positive and actually feel that way too. We are all in control of how we feel and we can decide how we feel. If you can, be happy. If you can’t, just be yourself, and one day the storm will pass.



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