Power of Positivity #7: When Life Happens

Helen Keller quote 2

(Helen Keller)

When a major change happens, our natural response is to compare our past and current lives. We reminisce about the way things were. We become worried and anxious because we are no longer in the comfort of the known. We are scared of change because it is unpredictable and we’re scared we’ll never be as happy as we were before.

When something terrible happens, our natural response is to compare our current situation and the situation we imagined for ourselves. We taint our current situation with negativity because our life can no longer live up to those positive expectations we had for ourselves.

But life goes on. We may not be able to stop life from moving on, but we are still in charge of our life. There is always something to be gained from every new experience. There is always something good that will come from an unexpected or disappointing situation. There is always something we can do to make a situation better. Let’s start looking forward, instead of backwards. Let’s surf the ever-changing wave, instead of getting stuck on a deserted island. Let’s not concentrate on the forgotten or the undecided, but look at what is in front of us right now. Let’s not lose hope or strength or determination just because life has thrown us a few curveballs. Find the positives by playing the situation to your advantage. That scary or terrible situation does not define you, unless you let it control you. One day, you’ll be grateful that your life didn’t go according to plan; it lead you to something even better than you ever imagined.


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