Thought of the Day: Don’t be so hard on yourself

Forgive yourself quote

We all have accidents from time to time, those out of the blue moments where we’ve made a snap decision or we just missed the window of fortune or we made an error in a blur. We’ve also all made mistakes that come about when we’ve entered into something knowingly, but weren’t quite expecting the outcome we were presented with. Sometimes we have a combination of accidents and bad choices. It happens to everyone including successful people, happy people, fulfilled people. And why are those people successful, happy and fulfilled anyway? Because they didn’t continuously punish themselves for it. They recognised their errors. They probably cursed themselves and kicked themselves. But then they moved on. We all need to learn to do the same. We need to learn from our mistakes, let our negativity go, we need to learn to forgive ourselves, and that will eventually allow us to move on. We might make mistakes again, but mistakes make us stronger, wiser, more alert, more precise, more determined. Mistakes mean we are trying. Mistakes are not the opposite of success; they drive success. Don’t give up on yourself because you carry the weight of your mistakes. Let your mistakes float beside you as they guide you to higher places.


3 thoughts on “Thought of the Day: Don’t be so hard on yourself

  1. Brilliant post. I really think that is the essence of happiness, you’re exactly right. Mistakes are inevitable. Your attitude and perspective after the fact are entirely up to you. Each is a learning opportunity. Whenever I screw up, I think ‘Wow, that was dumb. But I’m going to remember and learn from this.’ You don’t know what you don’t know. Sometimes you have to experience it for yourself before you can learn. The important this is that you do just that, learn.

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