Song of the Week: You’re Worth It by Cimorelli

Cimorelli’s ‘You’re Worth It’ is one of those songs that says everything I would want to be able to say to someone and to myself. It bares everything that we cannot recognise or believe in ourselves and everything that we don’t say often enough to one another.

Whatever society dictates, we are not defined by our outward appearance. We are more than a surface or a body. And whatever other people try to pin on us, we are not defined by their opinion. We are more than a classification or a story.

Worth is not something that someone gives to us. Worth is not something we need to earn or something we deserve. We are already worth much more than we know, even if we don’t believe we are. We are the only ones who stand in our way. Worth is something that cannot be unwillingly taken away. Worth is a lifestyle choice; worth is something we need to remind ourselves of every day. Be brave and love yourself. It doesn’t make you conceited. It means you value your life, and once you value your life, you will do everything it takes to make it the best it can be.

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