Midnight Motivation: Watch Your Words

Christian Larson quote

Let’s imagine we are in a situation where we need to motivate someone using our words. Let’s imagine that someone has made a mistake, perhaps a miscalculation, or maybe they have simply failed to maintain their routine and targets. What would you say to them? Are they words of disapproval, blame and criticism or words of encouragement, affirmation and compassion? Most likely, the latter. Now let’s picture ourselves in the position of that person, lacking motivation and passion, where we only have ourselves at our disposal. What would you say to yourself? Are they words of disapproval, blame and criticism or words of encouragement, confidence and compassion? Did you say something different?

It is easier said than done, but the words we feed ourselves on a daily and even hourly basis shape our motivation. We do not always have somebody to inspire and support us; we need to be our own support, inspiration and motivation. We cannot expect ourselves to be motivated, let alone succeed or feel content, if we are constantly harassing ourselves with negative comments. If we tell ourselves that we are slow, lazy, unproductive, worthless or stupid, whether we are running out of steam or still ploughing on, we will eventually begin to believe ourselves and we won’t feel like there is use in trying anymore. We need to start having some self-compassion and self-forgiveness. We need to start picking ourselves up not pushing ourselves down. Life will throw us enough curveballs that we don’t need to be adding to them. Fill your minds with positive thoughts about yourself and you are on step closer to succeeding, simply because you believe you can succeed. Reassure yourself, have confidence in yourself, praise yourself. The rest will follow.


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