Thought of the Day: The Act of Loving

John Lennon quote

Love is perhaps the most complicated and confusing emotion. And the large amount of speculation that love receives through the media, through the music and film industry, and through the input of people around us, does not make love any less complicated or confusing. In fact, we might get a bit too caught up in the ideas of right and wrong when it comes to love, whether someone deserves our love, whether someone is good enough for us, or whether someone displays their affection in a certain way. Sometimes we get so caught up in it, we forget to celebrate the fact that we are all capable of loving, that we all have the means to love at our disposal and that we therefore have the power to choose who we love. Love is powerful and should never be thwarted or criticised. Our acts of affection are what people will remember the most, how ever simple or small. Love is free and we have an endless supply. Don’t ever stop. Don’t make it more complicated than it already is. Love freely and be loved.

Image: Pinterest


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