Thought of the Day: Everything is worse at night

Worrying quote 2

At the end of the day, especially a long or difficult day, there is nothing we crave more than sleep. Sometimes we are past tired, exhausted, and other times we need a good night’s rest to prepare for the next day. But it’s not always that simple. In that moment right before we go to sleep, our mind seems to defy any attempt at shutting down. Perhaps there is something we have been putting off thinking about during the day, and now when we no longer have anything to occupy ourselves with, it’s all we can focus on. Or perhaps the whole day has been an endless tally of annoyances, of feeling angry or worried, and when we finally come to rest, our mind is still too hyped up. We begin to feel all those emotions again.

It is important to remember that at night time all our emotions are heightened, particularly when we are tired. We go around in circles, we dip in and out of restless sleep, and we constantly focus on everything that is wrong. But those are products of our tiredness. Don’t give into them. Think about the things that make you happy or what you feel in control of. The best way you can deal with those issues that haunt you at night is to deal with them at a time when you can actually do something about them: tomorrow. Take a deep breath, take control of your emotions and keep calm. Tomorrow morning, you will realise how much more manageable the situation actually is.

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