Power of Positivity #9: Where would we be?

Seth Godin Positivity

Sometimes it seems so much easier to be pessimistic and wallow in our misery than to be optimistic. But where would we be without positivity? Positivity means aspiration and hope; it gives us the power to use our imagination to build the kind of life we want to live in and actually believe that the life we imagine is conceivable and obtainable. And if positivity means aspiration and hope, then positivity means motivation and persistence. Optimism allows us to act on those ambitions and ideas, and to keep trying new ways of achieving and succeeding, no matter how many times we fail. And finally, positivity means progress. All those times we didn’t give up on ourselves or our dreams and all those times we didn’t give into that negative energy of defeat or discouragement has now united into that final product. Without positivity, we never go anywhere and nothing ever gets better. Even though we have to work for positivity, positivity can also work for us.

Image: slodive.com


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