Thought of the Day: Share Your Wisdom

Dalai Lama quote

Everybody is brought up differently. Our eyes are opened to different ways of looking at the world. But just because someone does not see the world from the same perspective as you, does not mean that they would not like you to show them. Similarly, everyone has their strongest and weakest points, all of which are not the same as the next person’s. If someone lacks understanding, do not laugh at them. If someone is ignorant, do not call them stupid. What good does that achieve? If they are willing to accept your help, show some compassion and share your wisdom and knowledge. Let’s help others to grow in perspective and therefore grow in intention and pursuit of the world. Let’s spread good vibes through each human interaction. Through a small act of sharing your knowledge and wisdom constructively and not patronisingly, we can make the world a little less cracked and disconnected and more open-minded and peaceful.

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