Song of the Week: ‘The World is Yours’ by Tim McMorris

Tim McMorris

There are so many of Tim McMorris’s songs that are soaked with optimism and inspiration: ‘Give Our Dreams Their Wings to Fly’, ‘Dream Again’, ‘Shape the World’ or ‘Music My Life’ and so on. McMorris’s ‘The World Is Yours’ similarly urges us to live freely, to live without fear, to live to your expectations, to live being true to yourself, and to keep fighting, because the world is yours. Take it and embrace it.

I firmly believe that once we give everything we have to life and the world, life and the world will reward us by giving everything it has to offer. We need to follow our heart, not the crowd, unless the crowd is where our heart is. If we do not give up or back down, if we keep trying despite the odds and despite people who don’t believe in us, life will set us on the right path. Not everyone’s right path is the same. There is never a set path to success, accomplishment or fulfilment. They cannot be rushed. We may find ourselves waiting for a chance or waiting for a moment. They are full of mistakes, left or right hand turns and going back on ourselves. But if we don’t give up after all that, we are taking life into our own hands. We are weaving it and engraving it. And that is the best position we can ever be in.

The World Is Yours clip: (with the full version available on Spotify and iTunes)

Giver Our Dreams Their Wings to Fly:

And all his music available on iTunes and Spotify!!

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