Midnight Motivation: Be Accountable

RWE Destiny quote

When we know that someone is counting on us, we are always more motivated; we do not want to disappoint others or let them down. Therefore, accountability is one of our greatest motivators. If we cannot stay motivated after hours, in the library, or in the gym, for example, having someone to share the experience with not only keeps us accountable for our actions, but they also help release some of the dullness or struggle out of the exercise, which motivates us further. Some of us enjoy being accountable by publicly declaring our goals, by documenting our successes and trials, and by imagining oneself as a role model. Perhaps you have a younger sibling or a child who you want to inspire to lead a fulfilling life, or maybe you would like to create an online community that encourages and thrives off each other. All are examples of accountability.

Perhaps this is a journey that you want to do alone; it isn’t any less difficult. But individually, we are all still accountable – to ourselves. We are the only ones who can give ourselves what we want and what we deserve. Our life is in our hands. Nobody can take the blame or fault for what we do not do for ourselves. Let the fate that you hold guide you and motivate you. Go after what you want and don’t give up on yourself. Be accountable and stay accountable, and you will triumph.


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